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- Sep 12, 2014:
Info. Session for Prospective Applicants (at IUJ Tokyo Office, Japan)

- Oct 3, 2014:
New Student Welcome Day

- Oct 4, 2014:
Info. Session for Prospective Applicants (at IUJ Tokyo Office, Japan)

News and Information

- Aug 28, 2014:
IUJ Research Institute Working Paper published: EMS-2014-11

- Jul 28, 2014:
Research article "Direct and indirect impact of charter schools’ entry on traditional public schools: New evidence from North Carolina,"

- Jul 24, 2014:
Research article "Networking Partner Selection and Its Impact on the Perceived Success of Collaboration,"

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- Network folder access for graduating students
If your account is expiring in a month or two, and you are NOT coming back to IUJ in this grace period, please click the above link to make a backup copy of your files.

The 2014 Graduation Survey has started!
To start, please access My IUJ!. We appreciate your feed back. Thank you!

Deadline: July 1, Tuesday, 00:00AM
70% of IR graduating students (44)
59% of MBA graduating students (29)
65% of total number of MBA and IR graduating students (73)

Deadline: September 1, Monday, 00:00AM
(for E-Biz and 1 year MBA)
100% of 1 year MBA graduating students (10)
82% of E-Biz graduating students (9)

Thank you!!!

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